Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

So I'm a little slow posting this, but just in case you were needing a laugh for the day, here it is. I realized last Tuesday morning after sending all the kids off to school that I would seriously be a final contestant in the "Loser Mother of the Year" contest. Yes, it is true. I sent all three of my kids off to school without any green on them! Being a former elementary school teacher, I knew how traumatic this could be. I could just envision my kids coming home telling me tragic stories of relentless pinching throughout the day.

After school as we were in the car going to the dentist, I asked the boys how their day was and apologized for not reminding them it was St. Patrick's Day. I asked if they got pinched a lot. Tyler began to tell me his tales of woe--poor baby! Third graders can be obnoxious about that, but 5th graders can be downright mean, so I was curious to hear Jordan's story. When I asked him, he said he did get pinched a few times until he started showing everyone the green on his pants. I was a little confused as I knew he was wearing jeans, and they weren't green. I kept asking him what he meant. He was pointing to his pant leg and repeating that he had green on his pants. Up in the front seat, I couldn't really see what he was pointing to. When I became completely frustrated and pointed out that there was no green on his pants and I didn't understand what he was talking about, he replied,

"Yes, there is! Can't you see the grass stains?!!!"

Sure enough, after Paul and I wiped the tears out of our eyes from laughing so hard, we were indeed able to see several large deep green stains on his pants! I bet he did that on purpose at recess! So there you have it--I get the loser mom award, and my son gets the most creative problem solving award!

Friday, March 13, 2009

An afternoon with Thomas and Friends

Yes, it is true. I now have a forth little boy obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. I think we probably have almost every piece of track and every train represented in some form from the first little metal die cast engines to the big wooden ones, to the motorized plastic ones with remote controls even! The collection keeps multiplying every year, with each new kid! So, when one of my best friends, Amanda, called last November to see if I wanted to buy tickets to go see Thomas Live on Stage with she and her son (Eric's best little buddy), of course I said yes. We took the boys yesterday, and they seemed to love it. I, myself, couldn't understand a word Sir Topham Hatt said with his fake little accent, but I was totally impressed with the actual trains. Their mouths moved when they spoke; their eyes moved; their facial expressions changed, they blew smoke out of their smokestacks, and they moved around stage, even turning on a dime. It was fun to see the boys so excited to go see Thomas--they clapped and cheered, and called out the trains names when they appeared on stage. All in all, it was a fun one on one excursion with the 4 year olds.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Justin's Website

Justin has been learning how to make video games now for about 2 years. He has tried out a few different programs. He has also made his own website to publish his games so his friends and other "gamers" can play them. He really wants to be able to sell his games at some point. I am pretty impressed with his efforts! He has basically taught himself all about coding and the various languages that are used to make games. He continues to prove the idea that kids are so much more technology-smart than we are! So, I'd like to introduce his website to all of you so you can check it out!


For all you fellow gamers out there, check it out--or have your kids check it out! Justin also wants me to put in a plug to become a member on his website. You'll receive notice when updates are made and have access to members-only pages.

For all of you fellow ward members, he also wants to let you know that he will have his games available at the ward scout fund raiser auction on Friday, April 3rd. Happy gaming!!